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Give your child a gift that will last the lifetime - the gift of music, creativity and imagination.

We are very grateful to Luda for ushering our son (7) into the world of music. She showed how powerful and beautiful playing piano is. She has tones of patience and a gentle attitude. She helped our son face new and complicated material without stressing and realize how rewarding overcoming difficulties can be. Thank you so much, Luda. We hope many children will be privileged to be your students.

Joe and Oren Kostin

My son has been learning guitar with Vladimir for almost three years and his progress has been remarkable. Vladimir is amazingly talented, a great teacher, and in the words of my 12 year old, “kind, patient, and nice.” Vladimir’s easy nature and encouraging style makes it easy for students to understand the techniques needed to master new skills on the guitar. He keeps them engaged with a variety of great songs while leaving room for them to make song selections too. Vladimir encourages his students to perform and offers lots of opportunities for this, which has really boosted my son’s confidence in himself and his skills. I would, and have, recommended Vladimir and Talent Studio Halifax to anyone looking to enhance their musical abilities!

Dawn Parks

I am so lucky to find Luda to be my piano teacher. With zero experience in playing piano, when I decided to try to learn to play piano after my retirement, I put up tons of courage. Luda has been incredibly patient. The first year was difficult: I could not see progress and several times, I even started to think of giving up. Luda always said: even as talented as Mozart, he had to practice seven to eight hours daily basis. You just need to give yourself more patience. Thanks to Luda's encouragement, I did not give up. Another importance that keeps me going on is Luda's professional quality. She has the ability to find the perfect exercises and pieces of music to match my levels. These pieces are difficult enough that I have to work hard and easy enough that I keep seeing my progress. I am so lucky to be Luda's student.

May Wang

My daughter Caleigh has been taking guitar lessons with Vladimir for just over a year now. She began as an 11 year old with zero experience, and now at 12 can not only play- she also understands what she's playing! Vladimir is an amazing instructor who has been able to keep her engaged and excited to learn. I would recommend to anyone of any age who has an interest in learning guitar to consider lessons with Vladimir, as they most definitely won't be disappointed!

Chelsea Sherring

My daughter Piper loves her piano lessons with Luda. It has been wonderful to watch her learn and gain confidence. Luda is a patient and gentle teacher who keeps Piper's attention throughout the lesson and thoughtfully chooses music she enjoys. Our whole family looks forward to the music showcases put on by Talent Studio. Both Luda and Vladimir are wonderfully talented and I would happily recommend their lessons!

Katie Morrison

My son Richard and I have known Vladimir now for a few years. Rich has written and created original songs and Vladimir was very instrumental in assisting Rich, to offer great suggestions and advice for the technical aspects and production of each piece. He also allowed us to connect with Scott Ferguson, to have the songs professionally recorded in a sound studio. Rich also worked with Vladimir with the production of the A Christmas Dollhouse. Vladimir was instrumental in providing constructive positive feedback to the entire cast for all of the technical aspects on stage. To date, he has assisted Richard with music composition, the instrumental aspects of music production, and the acting feedback on stage with Rich’s musical theatre performances. Vladimir is a very talented musician, a mentor, and an overall beautiful person and I feel blessed to have him in my son’s musical life.

Paula O’Quinn

My daughter Nastya has been taking piano lessons since she was 5. Her teacher Luda is a very professional and experienced teacher. Luda has an individual approach to a student with motivation and discipline. Nastya is having fun playing piano, practising and achieving her musical goals. I can see how her musicality and abilities are developing. Despite all the difficulties in 2020, we continued to take online piano lessons with Luda which proves even more how professional and experienced she is. Luda is an excellent teacher. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Luda to anyone.

Maria Fedotova

My 7 year old daughter has been receiving guitar lessons from Vladimir for 7 months now and it is so amazing how she has quickly learned to play guitar. It is amazing to watch her progress week after week. Vladimir is an expert at engaging his students in an age appropriate way, which not only excels their skills, but keeps them engaged and learning while making it fun. He consistently puts his students' interests first and is selfless in giving his time and dedication to help his students learn and grow.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Gina Lucas

I would like to acknowledge the talent and dedication of both Ludmila and Vladimir Sitnikov! 
My son loves taking piano lessons with Ludmila! 
Our family loves Vladimir's performance and enjoying his music by listening to his awesome music on CD's!

Thank you for your dedication and hard work! You both are awesome!

Janna Fertsman

Vladimir Sitnikov is my daughter Shanelle’s guitar instructor.  My wife, daughter and I are extremely pleased with Vladimir as a guitar instructor.  Vladimir has a rare combination of gentle, patient instruction coupled with a desire to bring out the greatest potential in Shanelle as a guitar player.  This same combination is seen when Vladimir plays guitar.  He has such a mastery of his instrument of choice that his playing appears effortless, yet his attention to detail is so precise that one can’t help but realize that they are listening to somebody who has reached the potential of a musician that very few will ever know.

Rev. Shane Zinck

Our son just started his music classes with Ludmila less than one year ago. I want to thank Ludmila for her professionalism and positive approach. Our son eagerly waits for the classes and really enjoys every moment there. Moreover the classes have greatly improved his focus and concentration which has had a positive affect on school and everyday life.

Again, thanks a lot to Ludmila. We wholeheartedly recommend her classes.

Victoria and Roman Grinberg

I first heard and watched Vladimir Sitnikov play in a live performance last spring, and then again in the fall. I was so taken by his being such an accomplished and knowledgeable musician, and so "wowed" by his versatility and ability to play guitar so well across all music genres, that I asked him if he would consider offering a six week course to members of the Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia (SCANS).

I am the Faculty Coordinator for that organization which offers courses of an academic nature to adults 55 years and older. Vladimir agreed, and taught for SCANS during the winter term of 2017. I was a participant in his class of 45 students, and was not at all surprised to find that participants responded as I did... his talent and virtuosity moves an audience to tears, or to laughter.... he manages to "stir you up", whether in a classroom, or in performance.

Lois Block

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