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Leanne Palylyk - young Canadian writer

Leanne loved many things - her family, her friends, frogs from

the pond, her little white dog Pepe, chocolate, The Princess

Bride, and, especially, reading and writing.

Leanne wrote her first story when she was five years old – her interpretation (with unique spelling) of the tale of Cinderella. After that, she was unstoppable.

Although just 11 years old, Leanne’s dreams were filled with visions of becoming a published writer. She entertained so many people – family, classmates, teachers, writing contests - with her wonderful short stories and her ability to bring her very vivid imagination to life in print.

On June 25, 1988, at 7:15 am, Leanne and three members of the Haston family - Ron, Iris and their 11-year-old daughter Susan - were killed in a crash caused by an impaired driver who had no injuries..

After Leanne’s death, her Mom Fern and her family gathered some of her best stories into a book titled The Flashback Storm: Stories and Poems. The novel Greenoli was adapted and set to music by Vladimir Sitnikov.

Greenoli Front.jpg

Relax Poem

Ahhh, your hectic day is done.

Now you're ready for some fun.

Have a drink of sweet champagne,

Don't think of stormy rain.

It's warm inside and comforting,

Sit near the heat and think of spring.

Relax my dear and disappear.

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